General Info

Classroom Temperatures

Although every effort is made to make the classroom temperatures as comfortable as possible, room temperatures may vary from warm to cold. In order to appropriately prepare for all conditions, please bring a sweater or jacket with you to the meeting. 

Cell Phones

Cell phones must be turned off or on silent mode when classes are in session.

Program Codes

The following program codes listed under each session indicate the target audience for the program.

D – Dentist, H – Hygienists, C – Chairside Assistant, L – Lab Technician, S – Spouse, A – Administrative Assistant

Workshop Supplies

If you are attending a hands-on workshop, please take note of the list of supplies (if any) that you will be expected to bring with you to the course

Online Handouts – B.Y.O.H. – Bring Your Own Handouts

The Star of the South does not provide printed handouts for distribution onsite.  Handouts will be available online. (Not all courses have handouts).

After you pre-register for your course, watch for instructions to be sent in the confirmation email (if you provide a valid e-mail address) or mailed with your badge and tickets.