Continuing Education / CE Verification

Continuing Education Credit

The Greater Houston Dental Society is an ADA CERP and Academy of General Dentistry recognized provider.

ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of Dentistry.

In order to receive CE credit accepted by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, the course taken must be either Technical or Scientific as related to clinical care. Please check with your state board on its continuing education credit requirements if you are a licensed practitioner outside of Texas.

Conflict of Interest Disclaimer

The Greater Houston Dental Society is responsible for the selection of clinicians and continuing education programs it offers and makes every effort to provide quality continuing education programs from experienced and qualified speakers.

The presentations of the speakers should not imply endorsement of any product, technique, or service presented in the course. If a speaker is affiliated with a particular company, his or her affiliation must be disclosed to the audience prior to the presentation.

CE Attendance Note Cards

CE Attendance note cards will be provided for you to record your course information and completion codes for the purpose of obtaining your CE Verification Certificate at the CE Center, or online. A CE Attendance note card will be mailed with your tickets and badges if you pre-register for the meeting; otherwise, will be available onsite at Registration, the Information Booths, and the CE Center.

CE Completion Codes

Completion Codes are proof that you attended your course! You must have your course completion codes to obtain your CE verification letter. Two completion codes will be given for full-day courses. The first code will be announced right before the lunch break and the second code will be announced at the end of the course. For half-day courses, one completion code will be announced at the end of the course. It is your responsibility to record these codes on your CE Attendance note card so that you can enter them at the CE Center, online or via the Star Mobile App to obtain your CE Verification Certificate.

CE Verification

CE Verification Certificates may be obtained at the CE Center inside the Exhibit Hall. Scan the bar coded portion of your name badge and type the four-digit completion code(s) from the course(s) you attended for a printed CE Verification Certificate. The certificate details the title of the course, the presenter, date, time, and number of CE hours. Since the certificate is cumulative and reflects all courses taken at the time you visit the center, you may print out one certificate after each class or you may print out a certificate that reflects more than one class or all classes taken. If you do not wish to utilize the CE Center, you may obtain your CE Verification online at for up to six months after the meeting. You will need your badge ID number and the four-digit completion codes for each course attended in order to obtain your CE Verification Certificate online. You will also be able to record your completion codes via the Star of the South Mobile App.

Some states have different requirements for documentation and verification of course credits. Please check with your state.

It is your responsibility to retain your CE Verification Certificate as proof of your continuing education credit.

Only registration categories in which continuing education applies will be eligible for a CE Verification Certificate. All other categories (i.e. spouse, guest, student, exhibitor, etc.) will not be recognized at the CE Center or online for continuing education credit.

CE Center

The onsite CE Center will be located near the registration booth on level 3 in the San Felipe Foyer.