F23: Unlocking the Code of 3rd Molar Surgery for GPs

  • Understanding the importance of 3rd molar surgery in a GP’s practice
  • Common challenges faced by GPs in performing 3rd molar extractions
  • Learn the criteria for determining suitable candidates for 3rd molar surgery
  • Identifying potential risks and complications
  • Mastering effective and safe anesthesia administration for optimal patient comfort
  • Addressing anxiety and fear associated with the procedure
  • Step-by-step guide to performing efficient and predictable extractions
  • Handling different impaction types and root configurations
  • Understanding and preventing common complications in 3rd molar surgery
  • Techniques for managing unexpected challenges during the procedure
  • Best practices for post-operative care to ensure successful healing
  • How to handle patient inquiries and concerns after the procedure
  • Utilizing modern technology and instruments to enhance surgical outcomes
  • Hands-on training with the latest equipment
  • Overcoming mental barriers and building confidence in performing extractions
  • Tips for increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Developing effective communication skills to discuss treatment options with patients
  • Obtaining informed consent for the procedure
Technical and Scientific