S15: Digital Smile Design (DSD) for General Dentists

  • Understand the Fundamentals of Digital Smile Design; define the key concepts, terminology, and principles of DSD; learn how DSD integrates digital technology into the smile design process
  • Digital Tools Proficiency; learn to capture and manipulate patient images, including intraoral scans and facial photographs
  • Smile Aesthetics and Facial Analysis; analyze facial and dental aesthetics to create customized smile designs
  • Treatment Planning and Case Documentation; – develop effective treatment plans based on DSD principles; create comprehensive case documentation, including mock-up presentations
  • Communication and Patient Expectations; improve communication with patients by presenting digital smile designs; manage patient expectations and gain informed consent for treatment
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration; collaborate with specialists such as prosthodontists and orthodontists in complex cases; understand the role of the dental team in DSD treatment planning
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations; navigate ethical and legal aspects of DSD in patient care; ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards
Technical and Scientific